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            Hydraulic Cylinder

            Hydraulic cylinder component features

            We manufacture a range of hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic cylinder components. All of our hydraulic cylinder components are designed for efficient performance.

            1. Hydraulic cylinder piston rods are made of high strength carbon steel. We use advanced honing techniques and heat treatments for greater mechanical strength;

            2. Our hydraulic cylinders are chrome plated and have an evenly finished surface with a fine oil film to increase service life;

            3. The cylinder body is made of high-strength alloy steel and processed by roller burnishing tools for a hard and finished surface that minimizes internal friction damage and extends service life;

            4. Robotic welding processes and post-weld ultrasonic testing ensure the quality of each cylinder.


            Hydraulic cylinder designs

            We have three standard cylinder products available. We can also work with you to suit your non-standard requirements.

            ·         Metallurgical equipment hydraulic cylinder double-acting, single-rod cylinders.

            ·         Engineering hydraulic cylinders large scale, stepless speed adjustment.

            ·         Heavy-duty hydraulic cylinder double-acting, single-rod and double acting, double rod.

            ·         Non-standard hydraulic cylinders – customisable diameter, piston rod size and stroke.


            Metallurgical equipment hydraulic cylinders

            The metallurgical equipment hydraulic cylinder withstands high 

            pressure and is small, lightweight, and easy to move. The double-

            acting single-rod hydraulic cylinder is equipped with trimmer 

            valves and optional relief valves. Customers can choose between 

            two speed ratios, 17 cylinder diameters and 13 installation methods. 

            The hydraulic part can be used with mineral oils, emulsions and 

            phosphates. Mounting dimensions of all hydraulic cylinders 

            comply with ISO6020/1-1981 standards.


            Metallurgical equipment hydraulic cylinders are used in metallurgy, ship-building, wind power, engineering equipment production, transport machinery, mining equipment, petroleum machinery and port machinery.




            Engineering hydraulic cylinders

            The engineering hydraulic cylinder features large scale, stepless

            speed adjustment (12000). It allows speed regulation during 

            operation. The small and lightweight HSG hydraulic cylinder can 

            withstand high temperatures and has a high mechanical strength 

            that evenly and smoothly maintains movement, even during high 

            pressure load changes.


            The engineering cylinder is used in the hydraulic systems in engineering equipment, lifting machinery, ship machinery, and machine tools.



            Heavy-duty hydraulic cylinders

            We offer two models of the CD/CG heavy-duty hydraulic cylinder:

            ·         double-acting single rod cylinder, and the

            ·         double-acting double-rod cylinder.

            Customers can choose among 14 cylinder diameters, two speed ratios and 28 kinds of specifications. These products comply with ISO3320 standards and industrial standards of Germany. This heavy load cylinder is precision-made and has several mounting methods. 


            Heavy-duty hydraulic cylinders are used in the steel and iron industries, metallurgic industries, foundry industries and machinery industries.


            Non-standard hydraulic cylinders

            We can also manufacture non-standard hydraulic cylinders.

            Diameter range: from φ40 to φ1200mm

            Piston rod diameter: from φ22 to φ800mm

            Strokes: up to 16,000mm


            We have designed and manufactured non-standard hydraulic cylinders for use in auto cranes, static pile driers, shield tunneling machines, chemical machinery and rubber manufacturing machinery.



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